My Style Tips: Lets Get Fit

When people want to find a way to work on their personal style the first thing they think about is what pieces should be added to their wardrobe and some of the time the wardrobe is only half the problem. Most people have great style that just gets lost in poor size choices. Which brings me to my next style tip.

Style Tip #4: Fit

Simply put, make sure that your clothes fit you. I’ve seen all of the extremes from things being too tight to being too loose to too short or too long. You will see a big difference in the presentation of your personal style once you understand your body and how things should look on you.


How to tell that an item of clothing is too tight or too loose.

Too Tight: If an item is too tight the clothing will start to distort your shape so if something looks like it’s not in the right spot the item is too tight.

Too Loose: If an item is too loose the clothing drapes around your body in a way that completely hides your specific shape.

How to tell that an item is too short or too long. 

Too short: For pants it is relatively easy to tell when they are too short. When purchasing pants take in to consideration the types of shoes you like to wear. If you like to wear heels make sure they are a bit longer than your normal length. If you are not in heels at the time, use the tippy toe method, stand on your toes and make sure they are slightly hovering the ground.  To check the length of a shirt reach your hands over your head and make sure that you don’t see your stomach.


Too Long: You can tell whether pants are too long by following the same methods above. If the bottom of the pants are dragging or bunched at the bottom they are too long. Shirts as well are the same as above, be careful that they aren’t so long to the point where they look like a dress because they can actually make your legs look shorter and you don’t want to get that type of look.


All of the above are just my own personal opinion but I think that if your follow these few steps you will be on the right track to updating your personal style. Get to it guys:)


Peace Love Fashion






4 thoughts on “My Style Tips: Lets Get Fit

    • Thank you!:) You can be wearing the most basic pieces and look totally chic when clothes fit. When I’m helping people with their personal style the first thing I want to see is how their clothes fit them.

  1. Such an important post. I see guys and girls wear things that are super baggy all the time. Finding the right fitting clothes is probably the hardest but most important part of buying new clothes.

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