My Style Tips: Splurge Items

Lets face it, the economy is no where as strong as it should be right now. We have to pinch our pockets and create out of the ordinary budgets. When it comes to shopping for your clothes there are tons of ways to make sure you stay fashionable under budget. But i know some of us just can’t resist the urge to splurge on our wardrobe. Which brings me to my next style tip!

Style Tip #3 Splurge Items

If you just can’t stop yourself from having those designer labels in your closet make sure you choose the right pieces. Below I have created a list of splurge items that I think are definitely worth the extra coins.

Classic Jean: It’s hard to find the perfect pair, but when you do they last a life time.

Tailored Suit: No matter what you will always need a great suit in your closet. When it’s talior made it’s flawless

Winter Coat: Coat designs don’t change much, something classic can carry you for years to come

Classic Pumps: Hands down one of the sexiest pair of shoes a women should own. Without them your not a woman!


There you have it! Be wise with your splurge items and Happy shopping:)

Peace Love Fashion


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