Happy “You Can Wear White After” Labor Day!

Happy Labor day guys! Fashion has had so many rules attached to it over the centuries. Wearing white after Labor day has been one of the many rules that has been taking very seriously for forever! It’s one of the hardest to rules to try to make people break but I am here to show you a few fabulous ways to transition those summer whites right into your fall/winter wardrobe.

summer whites fall into fall

To completely style  this look you would place the white button down shirt under the blazer and finish the look with a bit of texture with the fur scarf.

Fall whites

For this look I took a simple white oversize dress and created a bit of edge by layering it with a military inspired jacket and a  motorcycle bootie finished with black socks.


Simply pairing traditional fall/winter pieces with your summer whites will help transition them into a year round look. I love adding white to a look in the winter time because it helps to brighten up a look making it appear crisp and clean.

So go ahead and unpack those white pieces! Gone are the days of no white after labor day! 🙂

Peace Love Fashion


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