My Style Tips: It’s All About Inspiration

 I love the fashion world, the glitz, the glam, but nothing excites me more than styling a look. I have started the My Style Tips segment to give tips on how you can style yourself.

Tip #1: It’s all about inspiration

Runway shows and ad campaigns are used to display the lifestyle of the brand in that particular season.  When you see these dramatic looks walking down the runway it’s meant to catch your attention in hopes that you become inspired. The trends they create are to be translated in a way that mimics your personal style. The key is to focus on the piece or trend that speaks to you. Inspiration is a key component needed in your style development. Once you learn how to take trends, mix and match them with things you love, then will you be on the road to styling stardom.

Take for instance the Polka dot trend………

On the runway you see head to toe polka dots, very dramatic for an everyday look. I was inspired by this trend, but I wanted tone done the girly effect of the polka dot with a rugged fabric and touch of color. Take a look at how polka dots inspired an ensemble that represents me:

Pretty Rugged Polka Dot

When you find something that inspires you, you should automatically think, “How can I make this look work for me?”, do your research and start creating!

I hope I inspired you to be inspired!

Peace Love Fashion


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