And I Love It!: My Top 5 Places to Shop

People always ask me where I get some of the pieces I wear, so here is a quick post of my top 5 places to shop:




Looking for a specific trend? Asos is usually the place to find it. This UK based online clothing company has a wide variety of clothing to choose from and they never disappoint.  I usually hit up Asos for special occasions to find a unique piece.


I have found many gems on Ebay at reasonable prices. I know you guys know all about Ebay so I won’t talk too much about them, but this is where I go to find quality pieces for a good price.


I worked for Dillards for almost 2 1/2 years and in that time I grew fond of them. They don’t necessarily have the best shopping but sometimes you can find some good stuff. I only shop here when they have an additional off sale to rack up on basics and hidden finds.


All my true fashionistas can understand this choice! If you have the patience,  time and inspiration goodwill can be your best friend. The good thing about them is that you find unique pieces that most likely no one will have at a DIRT cheap price! In a world where H&M and Forever 21 continues to make heads hang low in shame of running into someone with the exact same outfit on, a bit of uniqueness is needed. Stay tuned for my thrifting shopping guide, I’ll show you how it’s done!


Yes, Ross is hands down my top favorite place to shop! It is an official part of my weekly schedule. Wake up, shower, work, ROSS, home! LOL I can go there and get an entire outfit, pants, shirt, shoes, purse and spend close to nothing! I go to Ross just for the thrill and usually end up getting something for my everyday wear.


I love these stores dearly, but I’m always open to fun new places to spend my coins! What are your favorite spots to shop?


Peace Love Fashion


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