Transitioning…Are You Ready?: Fall 2011 Men’s Edition

Guys I haven’t forgotten about you! I have a secret obsession with menswear, so I went hunting for your fall trends. Really, the only things that tend to change over time is fit, color and a few accessory pieces.

There is nothing I love more than a well dressed man! Add these trends in with your fall wardrobe and you will be sure to turn heads:


Bright Colors


Color is not just for the ladies this season! Mix and match your colors to create a bold, fashion forward look. Add in a neutral color to tie it all together.




Add a touch of luxury to your look with a little bit of fur detail. Regardless of what some may say fur can be used for a casual look when paired with your everyday t-shirt and jeans.



Mix your red in with black or grey to tone done the bold hue. Red is the new black this season, enough said! Go get you some!




Things to keep in mind:

Layer, Layer, Layer: Adding depth to your look will get you ready for the fall.

Keep it tailored: Fit is very important, it helps to refine your look.

Mix & Match: Don’t be afraid to mix different textures and patterns, trust me it can look great when done the right way.

Go get’em boys!


Peace Love Fashion





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