Let Me, Help You: Rocker Glam

“I checked out your blog and I love it! I blog, too, so I definitely appreciate fellow fashion bloggers! I have a question (or rather, I need your opinion/expertise). I want to go rocker/glam for my bday. My dress is bright aqay/black sequins and I have 5 inch leather booties..so I’m looking for accessories to go w it (I’m thinking bold, girly but rocker like spikes or anything along those lines). Do you have any suggestions?”

It’s a little hard to answer the question without having seen the dress, but I think I have a good idea of what it may look like. The dress itself will make a statement all its own (As it should for your bday!). In my opinion accessories should be at a minimum, because you don’t want them to clash with the sequins in your dress. A simple stud bracelet mixed with a few plain bracelets should do the trick. Here’s an example:

I found a few stud/rocker inspired bracelets on forever21.com that may work paired the plain bracelets:

Your shoe, hair and makeup should be the portion of your look you should use to play up your rocker glam look. The 5-inch booties are going to be a nice touch to your over all look. As for your hair your should go for a modern mohawk look, not as dramatic as the version of the one in the picture above, but  something like this:

This style will help give you a clean and neat platform to do a smoky eye or bright lip.

I hope this helps!

Liked the advice? Send your fashion and and style questions to ohchicfancyhuh@yahoo.com

Peace Love Fashion


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