So NOT CHICFANCY…HUH!?: Over Accessorizing

I’ve seen it time and time again, people over doing it with the accessories.  Now, I won’t blame the people who do so, it can be quit hard picking and choosing from the sea of options. So I’ve put together a guide for you all to follow if you get a bit confused with your choices

1. Be aware of necklines

The most important necklines to be careful of is high neck, halter, and embellished. High and embellished necklines are designed to create the drama you need in the look you are trying to create. The string that wraps around your neck with the halter top lends its self as a neck piece. When you wear these type of necklines you want to shy away from necklaces. Earrings, bracelets and rings are all you need to finish these looks. All other necklines can have a necklace as an option.

2. Do not get too matchy

Try not to go and get accessories that match the colors in you outfit. Accessories should complement your look not blend in. If you are wearing something bright keep the color choice for you accessories simple with neutrals such as silver, gold or pearl pieces. Colorful accessories should be wore only as a pop of color with your neutral ensemble . But beware you don’t have to match your earring, necklace, bracelet, belt, shoes and purse with this type of look. A pop of color is just that a POP of color.

3. Use my full proof visa versa mullet method

When one describes the mullet they say it’s business at the top party at the bottom this technique works well when deciding which pieces to wear. If you want to wear a chandelier earring a necklace should not be worn, even if they come as a set. The two will clash with each other and take the focus away from your overall look. If you want to make a statement with a neck piece pair it with simple stud earring to round out your look. Get it? You have to either be business at the top and party on the bottom or visa versa.

Hope this helps guys! Peace Love Fashion



One thought on “So NOT CHICFANCY…HUH!?: Over Accessorizing

  1. Great advice! i remember in high school i had this friend who matched EVERYTHING and she would always make fun of me for not matching my shoes to my shirt…. and i would just sit and shake my head at her. There is also that rule that before you leave the house, take off on piece of jewelry 🙂

    -Bianca at

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