Let Me, Help You: Combat Boots

Let Me, Help You is a segment that will be dedicated to answering all of your fashion and style questions.  With that being said lets get started;

Readers question:

“hiya fashionista! sooo i have a fashion question! I’ve been thinking of getting those combat looking boots that are black leather that lace up. do you think they’ll still be in this fall?”

Combat boots were definitely all the rage last season for anyone looking to add a twist to an everyday outfit and they will be returning this season. However they won’t be as much of a staple piece as they were last fall. For fall 2011  combat boots have had a bit of a girly face lift. You will see the same lace up detail, but the heel has been replaced with either a chunky or wedge heel. Take a look at these examples:

I’m loving the new version of the combat boot, but I think that the original version will be a good addition to your fall wardrobe! Go get you some girl! 🙂

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Peace Love Fashion


3 thoughts on “Let Me, Help You: Combat Boots

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