What to Wear: Sunday Brunch

I went to have Sunday brunch today and decided to show you guys what I wore to give you an idea of what to wear on a Sunday brunch date. Sunday Brunch attire can be done in multiple ways, it all depends on the atmosphere of the restaurant that you will be attending. Be sure to check the website of your Sunday brunch location to figure out what type of attire is required, then build your outfit from there. Most of the time the attire will either be casual or semi dressy.

For a casual look I would recommend wearing two pieces or more, a top and a bottom and some short of layering piece such as a cardigan or blazer, depending on the weather and some cute flat or heeled sandals .

For a semi dressy look the easiest way to go is to just throw on a cute day dress, heels and go.

For my look today I decided to keep it simple, chic and cool (it’s over 90 degrees today)! I paired a simple crochet strapped tank top with a flowy turquoise calf length maxi skirt for a pop of color. I finished my look with chunky cork heel sandals, a cognac colored bracelet and python skin satchel bag for a bit of texture. I hope you guys like it! Peace Love Fashion


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