OhSheCHICFancyHuh!: Tova

Today’s OhSheCHICFancyHuh spotlight goes to Tova, one of my newest readers! She is a model and an actress and she knows what it means to be Chic and Fancy. Check out what she had to say about her style and her definition of Chic Fancy.

“I am always tuned in to what is in and what is not but I never allow it to consume my own personal style. Chic fancy to me is to ability to combine intuition, latest trends and personality where ever you go. When in doubt, I love to add a pop of color and some statement pieces to finish my look!”

Want to be featured in OhSheCHICFancyHuh/OhHeCHICFancyHuh? Send pictures showing off your personal style, a short description about your style and what you think it means to be Chic Fancy to ohchicfancyhuh@yahoo.com

Peace Love Fashion


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