Wear This, Not That: Gladiator Sandals

Oh dear gladiator sandals, you have been with us for a couple of seasons now and yes our feet do thank you! However, your designs have gotten a bit out of control. But not to fear there are still a few of you left that will help keep you guys as one of the must have pieces for the summer season.

Ladies do not fall for the over designed, over accessorized pair of gladiator sandals. They are just not chic and quite frankly they make you look as if you are trying way too hard. Wear This, Not That, will be a segment dedicated to giving you advice on the proper clothing, shoes and accessory items to choose in a sea of variety.


Wear This:


When choosing a pair of gladiator sandals look for simple designs and minimal embellishments. These type of styles will add interest to your look without over doing it.


Not This



Whatever you do, do not get too trendy with your choices. Just because you see it on a runway or in a store display does not mean you should wear it.


Of course these are just my opinions but take it from me, I have your back! I want to see you guys looking chic and fancy at all times:) Don’t fall to easily for showy pieces and when in doubt keep it simple! Until next time, Peace Love Fashion


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