OhSheCHICFancyHuh! : Juaneka (my sister!)

OhSheCHICFancyHuh/OhHeCHICFancyHuh will be a segment in which I spotlight one of my readers that embodies the meaning of Chic and Fancy. All you have to do to be spotlighted is send me and email with pictures of yourself showing off your style and a short description of why you know you are Chic and Fancy.

Since I am still building my reader database and it happens to be her birthday weekend, The first person to be in the spotlight is my sister! In the course of a few years my sister has transformed her style into something I think to be amazing (with a little help from her younger sister, me winkwink lol). I will not embarrass her and show a before picture lol, but check out a few photos of her rocking her personal style.



If I had to name her style personality it would have to be simplistic, trendy, glam. She loves to take trendy pieces and mix them with basics to create an effortless look to tone done her over the top personality. She is definitely CHICFancy. Happy Bday sis! Love you lots!

Want to be the next featured in the OhSheCHICFancyHuh/OhHeCHICFancyHuh segment? Don’t forget to email me with your photos and description of your style. Peace Love Fashion


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