And I Love it!: Summer 2011 Favs

Summer time and the living is easy! Too bad it’s almost over:( And I Love it is a section that will be dedicated to all my most favorite things! The trends for summer 2011 has been so filled with new unexpected fashion that I loved dearly. Take a look at the summer 2011 trends that I just could not live with out!

Color Blocking

Color blocking has been such a chic technique to make an ensemble look put together and trendy. The bright structured look was absolutely perfect for summer. I totally took this look and ran with it, I color blocked with any outfit I could. I love it so much I may take it into the fall with me.

Floral Print

This is another trend I completely fell in love with. This trend was actually a rollover from last summer and I didn’t mind it a bit.  Such an easy summer look, a simple way to look airy, chic and girly. Love it!

Crop Tops

I was a tab bit on the fence about this trend because I saw it quickly get out of control.  Some people just went too far with the styling smh but that’s another story. The crop top was cool addition to the summer trends because it gave women a way to show off those abs they worked so hard on, at the same time giving a very youthful and fun look.

All White Suits

If I didn’t live in Florida (it’s too hot!) I would have been all over this look! There is nothing chicer than a suit tailor made to fit your body. This versatile look was a must for all fashionable women and men!

Mixed Prints

Last but not least, mixed prints, I loved, loved, loved this look! When done properly this technique gave off a very powerful, confident look, it was definitely not for the shy. Just Fierce!

Thank you summer 2011, you have been very good to me and as I wave good bye I promise that you will never be forgotten; as I will be taking some of your trends with me into the fall season:) Peace, Love & Fashion


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