So NOT CHICFANCY…HUH!?: Belts and Seams

I want to get started on a good foot and I think that it is important to  start with a style clean up. So NOT CHICFANCY…HUH?! Will be a a segment dedicated to the worst wardrobe miss haps that I see all too often. Let me first say that I personally love belts! They give the waistless a waistline and they can add pizazz and style to the appropriate outfit. However, the belt can also be an easy way for people to take their ensembles over the edge.  And this brings me to the topic of this post, Belts and Seams…smh, Belts and Seams should never be put in the same sentence together let alone the same out fit. Let me explain, if your top or dress has a seam that can not be hidden by the belt in a way that is flattering to your body do not where the belt!

The yellow shirt has a high waist seam that is meant to give you structure in your waist area, clearly a belt is not needed. If you feel you need a belt to make a more fitted look with this type of top get a smaller size and it should do the trick. Now on to the oh so popular and trendy maxi dress (big sigghhh) ladies ladies ladies. The maxi dress is meant to be a chic and easy summer look but I continue to see women adding a belt as an accessory! Stop it! Most maxi dresses have a seam that helps to give your shape some depth and often it is a high waist seam. Adding a belt to the  dress above would not hide the visible seam without cutting your body off in a weird way  making you look proportionally incorrect.

The moral of the story is if the top or dress is made with a waist defined seam just say not to the belt and just wear it as is it’s just so NOT CHICFancy.


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